Virtual Global 6k For Water

For the past five years, a global movement has been rising up. People have been coming together to give the world’s most vulnerable children access to safe water and end the treacherous 6K daily walk to fill buckets that so many (often girls) have to endure.

In 2019 alone more than 64,000 participants around the world took part in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water.

Together we raised nearly £3 million to help children like Kamama – this is her story:

Going Virtual

Today, handwashing has never been more important in the fight against disease but for three billion people around the world it’s still not as easy as turning on a tap.
We are more determined than ever that the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities must have access to safe water, and we won’t let a global pandemic stop that – so, we’re going virtual!

How it Works

All you have to do is:

  • Across 6 days
  • Walk 6K
  • Donate £6
  • Invite 6 friends to do the same

6K Your Way

We know that everyone’s circumstances will be a little different right now – so it’s important you complete your 6K in a way that’s right and safe for you, and in line with the Government guidelines for the region you will be doing your 6K in.

Your way will be best and we can’t wait to see what you do (make sure you share videos and photos with us using #6KforWater)…but just in case you need them here are some ideas:

  • Choose any of the days to walk 6K in one go
  • Complete a 6K every day on each of the six days
  • Complete 1K a day over the six days (6K in total)
  • Go for a walk, run, skate, wheel or even treadmill at home – the Virtual Global 6K for Water is for everyone - no experience necessary.
  • Complete your 6K on your own, with your household, with your dog…and of course virtually with hundreds of others around the world when you share via social media #6KforWater

How Your Donations Will Help

World Vision is the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the world and our water projects run in harmony with our other key areas of development: health, education, food, and economic development. This approach to clean water tackles the root causes of poverty, enabling children to experience the fullness of life.

Your donations will help us bring clean water to children and their communities living in some of the toughest places on earth.  You will help to bring a future full of hope to children around the world.  And here is a taste of how your donations will bring water to where it is needed most.

Drill Rigs

These trucks traverse great distances to drill hundreds of feet underground to tap into water aquifers.


Hand pumps in the middle of a community allow water to be generated without electricity.

Solar Pumps

These panels generate energy from the sun to pull water from pumps and up into storage tanks, and then allow gravity to feed water to various communities.


Pipelines transport water from access points and allow for water distribution across hundreds of miles.

Rain Catchments

Roofs and other kinds of catchments collect rainwater into a storage tank for treatment and distribution.

Water Kiosks

From catching rainwater to receiving water from pumps or pipelines, community members fill up jugs for a small cost.

Latrines & Handwashing

Sanitation and hygiene are promoted by community leaders and practiced with ventilated, improved latrines and handwashing stations.

Repair Mechanics

Local technicians and water users association members are elected to maintain water projects for long-term sustainability.