AFL Hyperscale 6K Walk for World Vision!

Global 6k

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Milton Keynes

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AFL Hyperscale

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Children living in the world’s most vulnerable communities are struggling to access water. 

Many children - often girls - have to walk an average of 6K each day to collect water.

The cost of water is childhood

The walk for water leaves children vulnerable to injury and to predators (both animal and human).

The walk for water means children have less time for school – arriving late and tired,  if at all – let alone time to play with friends.

Too often the water collected is dirty and unsafe to drink, leading to diseases, diarrhoea and worms. 

This water comes at a high price. Today alone, nearly 1,000 children under-5 will pay for it with their lives.

I think this is unacceptable.

So we're walking the Global 6K event to raise money for World Vision’s water projects.

Please join us and help change children’s lives!

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